What is

VIDAA (Virtual Implantation of Devices for the Left Atrial Appendage) is a web-based platform characterized by interactive capabilities enabling the selection and virtual implantation of optimal LAAO devices, incorporating advanced simulations to seek the best output.

How it works?

Image Viewer

VIDAA process medical data, enabling the incorporation of annotations, marking areas of interest, and conducting measurements on medical images.

Additionally, it creates a digital replica of the patient’s left atrium, providing a three-dimensional perspective for enhanced visualization.

Device Configuration

The AI-automated system subsequently extracts parameters of interest and suggests optimal device settings and best device configurations.

Afterward, the interactive tools allow physicians to test various devices and positions and replicate the deployment of the device.

Advanced Flow Simulations

VIDAA also incorporates advanced flow simulation capabilities that provide blood flow behavior and helps to identify regions susceptible to thrombus formation and leaks.

This insight offers clinicians a profound understanding of potential post-intervention scenarios, further elevating procedural precision.

Test It First,
Succeed with Confidence


Upload the medical images:

  • Integration of medical images
  • Add annotations of interest


Understand the anatomy:

  • Morphological analysis
  • Test different devices depending on the patient’s anatomy



  • Device deployment replication.
  • Personalized simulations to offer insights into the potential risk of DRT and leaks generation.


Make it yours:

You are ready for the intervention

  • Repeat the process as many times as you want.
  • Make the best choice.
  • Confidence in your procedure.

The result

Procedural Efficiency

  • Less devices used during the procedure
  • Less procedure time
  • Less radiation

Procedural Outcomes

  • Less leaks
  • Less DRT
  • Less device embolization

Elevating surgical planning with vidaa

Each case encompasses distinct strategies that leverage the platform’s
capabilities to address to specialized needs within the medical community and the medical device industry.

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