LAAO Summit 2024

On April 19th, experts reunited to discuss pivotal topics shaping LAAO placement and management in the 13th Global Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion Summit 2024. Among the topics discussed, you could find device placement’s correlation to DRT, challenges finding suitable anti-thrombotic regimens, and ideal vs. sub-optimal LAAO implant scenarios.

Dr. Reda Ibrahim highlighted key factors impacting DRT, emphasizing the importance of flow behavior. Patient anatomy can lead to low-velocity re-circulations, potentially causing DRT. To exemplify that, Dr. Ibrahim used flow simulations  —a strategy already incorporated within our VIDAA platform.
Dr. O. de Backer discussed about the future of pre-planning, mentioning VIDAA as a promising solution. We deeply appreciate the confidence both physicians have placed in us.




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